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5J Paleta Ibérico de Bellotas Boneless (shoulder)

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Mobile Gourmet Foods and 5J Cinco Jotas are proud to bring you the finest Ibérico jamón in the world. The shoulder cut of acorn-fed boneless jamón from Jabugo 5J Paleta Ibérico Boneless **Best Price Guarantee**

Enjoy three to four pounds (variable) of a premium whole boneless Iberian jamón. This cut is from the shoulder of the pata negra pig, who has spent his days roaming free range, eating a diet of acorns (bellotas), and transforming their meat into a healthy, delicious ham. Carefully cured and salted by artisans passionate about their trade, this jamón is ready to be sliced and enjoyed for many months ahead.
If you think there are only four flavors – sweet, salty, bitter and sour – have a re-think! The fifth flavor, called umami, translates literally from Japanese as “pleasant, savory taste” or “yummy”. Umami is the indescribable sensation responsible for exalting your taste buds in a select few foods. The umami flavor comes from amino acids, which can be naturally found in some food protein. One of them is the unmistakable multi-sensory experience of acorn-fed Iberian ham.

  • Cinco Jotas, Spain's finest brand
  • Acorn fed, free range; Certified 'Bellota' quality
  • Boneless whole paleta (shoulder ham)
  • Cured for 1 year
  • Size - About 3.5-4lbs Pounds Price is based on 3.5lbs adjusted at order
  • Shelf life: 6 months
  • Great corporate gift for holidays

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