USDA Prime Beef

USDA Prime Creekstone Farms Mobile Gourmet Foods S1 Certified:  All of our steaks and burger blends are with suppliers like Creekstone Farms and small ranches we trust from our restaurant partners to our home chefs, to give you that fine dining experience in your own kitchen. We carry Creekstone Farms Mobile Gourmet Foods S1 Certified which is the upper tier high 1% of all graded steaks in the USA

USDA Prime Dry Aged Creekstone Farms Mobile Gourmet Foods S1 Certified

**Dry Aged Steaks are a special process that takes time, are high restaurant quality, expensive and with an aging process that evaporates 75% of the moisture and creates a funky in a good way, rich almost cheese like characteristic. In the end it enhances a sweet, umami, tender beef experience that is very rare and hard to find and remarkably enjoyable.

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